Apply for a death certificate

Death certificates are often needed when people are finalising the estate of a family member or friend. The funeral director will usually take care of this when they register the death.

Funeral directors

Register a death, apply for a death certificate or a cremation permit online

Eligibility – public access

There are no restrictions when applying for a death certificate if the record is more than 30 years old. Otherwise, you need to be the person’s:

  • life-partner (including de facto and same sex couples), evidence needed
  • parent or child – evidence needed if a spouse’s surname is different.
  • legal guardian – evidence needed for non-parent guardians
  • executor of their estate, administrator or trustee – evidence of authority needed
  • or someone with written authority or power of attorney – evidence of authority needed.

Before you begin

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will  ask:

  • how you are connected to the person
  • your reason for applying, eg – executor, settling an estate
  • basic information about the person, eg – their name and date/place they died.

Proof of Identity

Applicants need to prove their identity and provide photo ID (except historical applications). You will need:

  • current Australian driver’s licence
  • proof of age card

Other ID that is accepted can include any two of the following:

  • passport
  • Centrelink or health care card
  • pension/seniors/veteran’s card
  • credit/debit card, bank statement
  • Business & Occupational Services licence
  • defence force /police service ID card
  • current Australian firearms licence
  • electricity /gas/other utilities account
  • telephone/mobile account.

These documents must show your current name and address on at least one, and your signature on the other.

How to apply

Apply online for a death certificate

Or you can apply in person or by mail:

1.  Application form
Complete and sign the form ­ – Apply for a death certificate – PDF
2.  Supporting evidence
Attach a copy of your proof of ID to your application
3.  Lodgement
Take your application to the customer service centre or post it to:
Births, Deaths & Marriages
Consumer & Business Services
GPO Box 1351
Adelaide SA 5001

Cost of certificate

Fees for certificates cover the search of the registers – $48.75.

Occasionally, CBS can’t find a record to match an application. If this happens, a ‘no record’ certificate is issued and a search fee of $48.75 for each ten-year period is charged.

Priority services

The additional cost for fast-tracking a certificate is $37.00. Certificates can be picked up from the CBS Customer Service Centre in Adelaide and is available for registered events onlyPriority service is not available for family history searches.

  • counter applications – 1 hour
  • posted applications – same day service

Additional postage costs

Please include the appropriate postage amount with your application.

Contact us

You can contact BDM by email, phone or in person.

If you email, select Births, Deaths and Marriages from the ‘subject’ list.

Lost or stolen certificates

Reporting a lost or stolen certificate means that it isn’t able to be validated by third parties including the Passport Office.