What are the benefits for consumers?

One law

The ACL replaced 20 existing State, Territory and Commonwealth laws with one law.

  • The ACL makes it easier for consumers to understand and enforce their rights because they will be the same across Australia.

Easy to understand

The ACL provides consumers with a law that is easy to understand.

  • The ACL is simpler and clearer than the equivalent provisions of the Trade Practices Act and the State and Territory Fair Trading Acts.
  • Complex legal terms have been replaced with terms that consumers can understand.

Better enforcement

Consumers can benefit from better enforcement of the ACL.

  • A single law is uniformly enforced across Australia. A memorandum of understanding between regulators ensures that this is the case.
  • Courts and Tribunals across Australia apply the same law to consumer disputes, allowing for cheaper and clearer avenues of redress.
  • Uniform enforcement powers are available to all consumer agencies across Australia.

Clear rights

Consumers benefit from clear rights under the ACL.

  • Consumers now have the same rights under the ACL across Australia, no matter where they live, where they buy goods or services or where a supplier is located.

For more information and detailed guidance material, go to www.consumerlaw.gov.au

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