One law

Businesses now benefit from one law applying to consumer transactions across Australia.

  • Businesses that trade in more than one State or Territory will only have to comply with one law.
  • Regulatory complexity is often a deterrent for businesses when they consider expanding. The ACL removes the barrier to interstate expansion of businesses.

Easy to understand

The ACL provides businesses with a law that is easy to understand.

  • Updated terminology, when compared to the archaic provisions in existing laws, can be more easily understood by businesses.
  • A law that is easy to understand will result in fewer disputes, as businesses and consumers can have a common understanding of the ACL.

Better enforcement

Businesses will benefit from better enforcement of the ACL.

  • Even when State and Territory laws are similar, differences in enforcement approaches can lead to additional compliance costs for businesses.
  • Improved co-operation between consumer agencies applying the ACL will give businesses comfort that it will be applied consistently across Australia.

Clear obligations

Business can benefit from clear obligations under the ACL.

  • The previous fair trading laws imposed different obligations on businesses depending upon where in Australia a particular business, or a particular part of a business is located.
  • The ACL now imposes the same obligations on businesses across Australia, making compliance easier for businesses that trade in more than one jurisdiction.

It is essential that businesses and legal practitioners familiarise themselves with the ACL legislation to ensure compliance. The following video has been produced to assist you and your employees to understand what aspects of the ACL apply to you, and to help you ensure compliance.

Video: overview of key elements of the new law

A brief video is available which provides an overview of key elements of the new law.

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