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Notice of Intended Marriage

Notice of a couple’s intention to marry anywhere within Australia needs to be provided to the celebrant at least one month and one day prior to the wedding. If the wedding is to take place at the South Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office the notice will need to be lodged with our Marriage Officer.

To download the Notice of Intended Marriage form.

Single Status/Marriage Search

To apply for a search of our marriage registry. This form should only be used if you require evidence for immigration/visa purposes verifying that you have not married in South Australia. Searches will normally produce a “no record” result.


Change of name


The information contained on certificates issued by this Office is reflective of what was correct at the time of registering the event. Names and / or addresses of parents, ages, places of birth or marriage will not be updated to reflect more recent circumstances.

To correct a certificate, please complete an ‘Application to Correct an Entry’ form. A fee may be payable.

Please note the ‘Application to Correct an Entry’ form may not be used to change the name of a child or to add father’s details to a child’s birth registration.


Our processing times do not include postage times. Please allow additional time for postal delivery.

Accepted payments

The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office accepts payments by the following methods:

  • Counter applications: cash, cheque, money order, credit card, direct debit
  • Postal applications: cheque, money order, credit card
  • Online applications: credit card

Cheques should be made payable to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Please note, Births, deaths and marriages do not currently offer any concessions.

For processing times please click here

Fees effective from 1 July 2016

Certificates (Standard)


Birth Certificate $47.75
Death Certificate $47.75
Marriage Certificate $47.75
Change of Name Certificate

No Record Certificate – if no record is found matching your request. (No refund available as the fee covers the search of the Registers)*Refer to ‘Postage’ (below) for registered post charges that apply to certificates ordered online. $47.75 per each 10 year period (or part thereof)

Certificates (Commemorative)


Commemorative Birth or Marriage Certificate (includes a standard certificate) $67.00

Priority Service (additional)

Processing Time Fee

Application fee for giving priority to an application Counter applications – 1/2 hour $36.25
Express post applications – same working day
Please note: Priority service is not available for family history searches.

Postage (additional)


Registered Person-to-Person Post (for internet applications) – Standard Certificates $9.15
Registered Post International (for internet applications) – Standard Certificates $13.45
Express Post on standard applications (within Australia) $5.70
International Express Post $14.45

Change of Name


Application to register a change of name for an adult or child’s name (includes new birth certificate or change of name certificate) $226.75
Application to register a change of name under the law of another state or by order of the court $47.75



Lodgement or re-lodgement of Notice of Intent Marriage. $106.00 (inc.GST)
Solemnisation of a Registration Office Marriage. $179.00 (inc.GST)
Total fee when marriage solemnised at Registration Office. $285.00 (inc.GST)

Correction to Register


Correction to Register $47.75

Access to Register


Application for a search of entries made in the Register about a particular registrable event within a 10 year period (or part thereof); includes a ‘No Record’ search. $47.75

Cremation Permit

Processing Time Fee

Application for a cremation permit under s.6(2) or s.6(3)(a) of the Cremation Act 2000 same day service $47.75
Application for a cremation permit under s.6(3)(b) of the Cremation Act 2000 same day service $95.50

Sexual Reassignment Registration


Application to register a sexual reassignment $51.50

The above fees are prescribed under regulations to the relevant Acts. Marriage fees are determined by the Registrar and are subject to approval by the Attorney-General.