On 14 July 2011, the South Australian Government introduced a market priced trading system to allow eligible persons to purchase and sell gaming machine entitlements. Full details are prescribed in the Gaming Machines Regulations 2005.

An information guide which explains the Approved Trading System and how to submit offers to purchase or sell gaming machine entitlements in a Trading Round is available here:

When a trading round is announced an eligible person can submit a written offer to –

  • purchase a gaming machine entitlement by specifying the highest price that they would be willing to pay for the entitlement if their offer was accepted; and
  • sell a gaming machine entitlement by specifying the lowest price that they would be willing to accept as payment for the entitlement if their offer was accepted.

Proposed dates and results of trading rounds and a list of gaming machine entitlements held in South Australia are now available.

Trading Round 13/2017 – open for offers

Offers to PURCHASE or SELL gaming machine entitlements in Trading Round 13/2017 are now invited from persons eligible to do so in accordance with the Gaming Machines Regulations 2005.

The closing date and time for the submission of offers in this trading round is FRIDAY 7 APRIL 2017 at 5.00pm.

The Commissioner has fixed the trading day for Trading Round 13/2017 as THURSDAY 11 MAY 2017.

A copy of the announcement notice is available here:

Application forms for Trading Round 13/2017 are available here:

Following the trading day, all persons who have submitted offers will be notified of the results in writing and advised whether their respective offers have been successful. The details of the Purchaser Price and Vendor Price will also be published here.

Trading round announcements are shown below.

Trading Round 12/2016 – closed

Trading Round 11/2016 – closed


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