New applicants

Prior to commencing the application process, ensure that you have on hand the information required to complete the application.

Specific licence types have requirements, such as the requirement to provide a National Police Certificate, that you will need provide evidence of at the time of application. For this specific information, refer to the guidelines for applicants for your licence type, available on our Forms page.

Refused application

If you do not meet the relevant criteria, the Commissioner may refuse your application. If your licence or registration is refused, you can appeal to the District Court within one month of the date of refusal. Fees paid for a refused licence are not refundable.

Disciplinary action

You may be disciplined under the Act that regulates the licence/registration you hold, or if you do not hold a valid licence, the Act that corresponds with the work you are undertaking. The forum for disciplinary action is the Administrative and Disciplinary Division of the District Court and any person, including the Commissioner, may lodge a complaint to the court alleging grounds for disciplinary action to be commenced. The types of causes that may constitute this type of action are set out in the Acts.


If you have completed an apprenticeship related to the building industry, you are eligible to apply for a building work supervisors registration in your relevant trade. If you completed your apprenticeship after 1 January 2016 Trainee & Apprenticeship Services (TAS) will advise CBS of your successful completion and we will email you a link to a pre-populated application. If  you have completed your apprenticeship before 2016 you will be required to lodge a copy of your relevant trade certificates with your application. If you apply for conditions not covered by your apprenticeship an interview may be required to assess your relevant experience and technical skills. A building work supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all building work performed is properly supervised and meets required building standards. If you wish to contract or sub contract for building work you are required to apply for a Building Work Contractor’s licence.

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Electricians

Any apprentice who will be performing on-site work is required to be registered as a restricted worker under the Plumbers, Gas Fitters & Electricians Act 1995. A person is entitled to obtain a restricted worker registration if they are a registered apprentice under a Contract of Training. Traineeship & Apprenticeship Services (TAS) will advise CBS when you register as an apprentice and we will email you instructions to have your photo taken and issue you a registration card. There is no fee for an apprentice registration, which will be issued for the duration of your apprenticeship. TAS will advise CBS when you successfully complete your apprenticeship and we will email you a link to a pre-populated application to vary the conditions of your registration. Around this time you will also receive a notice from our office advising you to renew the registration period for three years.

Go to Electronic Licence Application Forms, click on application type and be guided through a series of questions.

Once you have completed the electronic application process, print the final document. Review the information and sign in the required areas. You can scan and submit and pay for your application online, or you can print and post your application and payment to us.

The application form, fees, and the required documentation must be sent to our office for assessment (either by mail or by submitting electronically). If you live in a remote/regional area, you may lodge these documents and payment at a Service SA office or you can post them to Licensing GPO Box 1719 Adelaide 5001, or lodge them in person at our office in Adelaide.

If you fail to provide all the required documentation, or fees, we may not be able to accept your application and it will be returned to you for completion. Your application form does have an expiry date. If you fail to lodge the application before the expiry date, you will have to complete a fresh application.


The Mutual Recognition Act 1992 enables people to work in South Australia (SA) if they have an occupational licence or registration in another Australian state or in New Zealand, as long as there is a recognised equivalent in SA.

Licences that have an equivalent are confirmed by a ministerial declaration and we can process these applications quickly – usually within a month.

Check if your licence has a confirmed SA equivalent

After you have lodged an application, we will send you a ‘deemed licensed’ letter. You can use this as a temporary licence until you receive your full SA licence. We will also contact you if there is a delay with your application.

Companies are not covered by the Mutual Recognition Act 1992. Please complete a full application.

Application fees

The fee is lower for a mutual recognition application but will vary depending on the occupation. The amount is located on your occupation’s application form.

More information

Mutual recognition fact sheet

Contact CBS

You need to register a business name if you are carrying on business under a name other than your own real name or company name (without addition).

You must not advertise using a business name unless it has been registered.

Under the licensing Acts administered by the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs you must not carry on business under a licence except in the name that appears in your licence, or in a business name that has been registered under the Business Name Registration Act 2011 (Commonwealth). The Commissioner must also be advised in writing of your business name before you commence business.

The national business names register is administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Register a new business name or renew your existing business name
To register, renew or amend details of a business name, or for more information on the national register, visit the ASIC website.

It may be a requirement of the licence you wish to obtain that you have a photo licence card. This photo is renewed every ten years.

If this is the first time you have applied for a licence with us, then as part of your printed application form will be a “Photograph Notice” which advises of the requirement to have a photo and what you need to provide as proof of identity.

In order to assist clients in providing a photo, all Service SA offices, as well as our Grenfell Street office, will be able to take your photo. If you are unable to attend either Service SA, or our office, please complete a Proof of form for remote clients.

When having your photo taken, please present the Photograph Notice and supply proof of identity.

Proof of identity

You will need to provide personal identification up to the value of 100 points when you have your photo taken. To reach this 100 point total you can choose the type of identification that suits you from the following lists:

Group A
Each document is worth 100 points
• A photographic licence/registration card issued by Consumer and Business Services
• A photographic licence or proof of age card issued by the South Australian Government
• A current passport

Group B
Each document is worth 70 points
• Fully certified birth certificate (or copy certified by a Justice of the Peace)
• Australian citizenship certificate
• A passport expired within the last two years

Group C

Each document is worth 40 points

(Preferably containing a photograph of the applicant)

  • Current licence or permit issued under Australian law.
  • Identification issued by Government authorities e.g:
    • Public Service employee identification
    • Evidence of your entitlement to financial benefits or other entitlements form the Commonwealth or a State or Territory Government
    • Student identification card issued by an Australian educational institution
    • A statement from your employer or an acceptable referee verifying your identity and certifying that they have known you by your name for at least twelve months. (Preferably with a photograph of the applicant signed by the employer or referee)

Group D
Each document is worth 25 points
• Official correspondence addressed to you such as a public utility account (e.g. gas, water, electricity), council rates, bank statement or similar
• Visa, Mastercard or other credit card
• Any other documents which in the opinion of the person to whom it is produced, provides similar verification of the applicant’s identity.