A scam is a trick to get money from you with a false promise. There are thousands of different scams. Some are run by organised crime gangs and some are small and simple. Once they have your money it is very hard to get it back, so you should be careful.

Get rich quick scams

You may be offered something ‘too good to be true’, for example:

  • Lottery win or an inheritance
  • Very cheap goods or services, but you must pay first
  • Easy employment opportunity
  • A fee just for helping someone to transfer money

Online scams

Online scams may aim to:

  • Steal your personal details or banking password and account details
  • Download viruses to or remotely control your computer
  • Steal your email contacts for spam or fraud

More scams advice

To protect yourself, ask your computer supplier or technician about virus protection and other security practices.

If you suspect your internet banking or credit cards are being misused, contact your bank urgently.

To report a suspected scam contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

For more information about online security visit