Apprentice registration

All plumbing, gas fitting and electrical workers must hold a photographic registration card (licence) with Consumer and Business Services (CBS), this includes apprentices. CBS will contact apprentices via email and SMS as soon as a training contract has been approved by Regulation Contract Management (RCM).

To receive a registration card, an apprentice will need to visit CBS or a Services SA customer service centre with their email or SMS (sent from CBS) and 100 points of ID to have a photo taken. For applicants living remotely or outside of South Australia a proof of identity form (PDF 94KB) may be completed and sent to CBS. An apprentice registration card will then be issued to ensure apprentices are working lawfully.

Who needs to be registered? Plumbing, gas-fitting and electrical apprentices

Electrician with drill and wire cable.

When do they need to register? Within 14 days of receiving email or SMS notification from CBS

What do they need to do? Apprentices will need to have a licence photo taken

How do they get a photo taken? The photo capture form (sent via SMS and email from CBS) needs to be presented with 100 points of ID to CBS or Service SA

Why do they need to register? Apprentices are required to be licensed under South Australian law. A person who works without the appropriate licence may be liable for significant penalties, as may their employer.

For further information, advice or assistance contact CBS on 131 882 or