Raising the Roof – a guide to Roof Truss Installation

Development Regulations have been amended to introduce responsibilities for builders, supervisors and contractors in relation to the installation of roof trusses.

Compulsory checklists, notifications and inspection policies have also been introduced. Only persons who have completed a course of training in relation to the installation of roof trusses are able to sign off a checklist. Further information is available at www.sa.gov.au including an online checklist that builders or property owners can use to determine the level of risk in their roof or structure.

The amendments follow the South Australian Coroner’s report into the collapse of a roof truss frame at the Riverside Golf Club in 2002, resulting in two fatalities.  The Coroner raised concerns about the process of design, transport, manufacture, installation and modification of roof trusses.

The South Australian Government has implemented a number of initiatives in response to the Coroner’s report to prevent similar roof truss failures.  Read the guide or watch the YouTube videos to learn how these changes affect you.