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17 June 2022
Inspector with clipboard

Each year CBS identifies key priority areas for its compliance and enforcement work.

The priority areas selected are based on intelligence we’ve gathered across a wide range of industries.

The six priorities for 2022-23 are outlined below.


We are cracking down on individuals and companies who:

  • perform unlicensed building work, including operating outside of the scope of their licence
  • take payment from consumers but do not complete the work.

Second-hand vehicle dealers

We are focussing our attention on unlicensed sellers of second-hand vehicles and also on odometer tampering.

Real estate

We are concerned about trust account issues and underquoting.

Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

We are keeping a sharp focus on product safety and also on unconscionable conduct – particularly in relation to pricing.

Casino and gambling

We aim to reduce gambling related harm and to minimise the influence of organised criminal activity on the gambling sector.

Fuel Pricing

We are committed to ensuring the public can make informed decisions about where to buy petrol in South Australia.

We are closely monitoring whether fuel retailers are reporting changes to fuel prices within 30 minutes and reporting when fuel is unavailable.

Reporting on our compliance activities

We will report on our compliance and enforcement outcomes in 2023.

Complain about a business

All consumer complaints are important to CBS, and we are particularly interested in receiving complaints about products, services or businesses that relate to one of our six compliance priorities.

If you are concerned about the conduct of a business:

CBS will not be able to take action in relation to every matter. In order to make the best use of resources and to maximise public benefit, CBS will consider a range of factors in determining which matters to pursue. These factors include: whether the issue relates to the compliance strategic priorities; the level of actual or potential consumer detriment; and whether the conduct demonstrates blatant or systemic misconduct.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Read our Compliance and Enforcement Policy 2022-23.

The policy sets out the framework and principles that guide our work to achieve compliance with legislation. It outlines the compliance and enforcement principles, strategy, priorities and process.