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22 July 2021
Covid-19 - Information for consumers and business

This page provides information about your consumer rights, business obligations and some of the support measures that are in place during COVID-19.

Consumer issues

Information for consumers - Important details about contracts, cancellations and refunds.

Rental and real estate advice

Rental advice

Rental advice due to COVID-19 - A range of answers to common situations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Information for international students - This information is for students who are unable to travel to South Australia and need to cancel their rental accommodation or change the date of moving in.

For any advice on commercial tenancies, please contact the Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

Liquor and gambling

Liquor licences

Liquor licence holders and COVID-19 - Important information about initiatives that may impact and support licensees.

Information about applying for, updating or renewing your liquor licence or any other queries continues to be available at www.sa.gov.au/liquor and will be updated regularly

Occupational licensing

Licence holders who have been asked to provide a new photograph on renewal will now have additional time to comply. CBS will defer this requirement until the following renewal.

Instructions for providing digital photographs for new licence applications will be available soon.  

To lodge hard copy documents, scan and email them to occupational [at] sa.gov.au

Building issues

Building contracts - Information about protections in place for those currently building a home

Associations, charities and lotteries

Charitable Fundraisers - Information about how regulators will monitor compliance for charitable fundraisers during COVID-19. 

Information for Associations - How restrictions on gatherings may impact Annual General Meetings.

Lottery / Bingo providers have been granted a 6 month extension to provide relevant financial statements. 

Charities have been granted a 6 month extension to provide statements in accordance with the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act

JusticeNet's Pro Bono Referral Service can assist charitable and community groups seeking advice.