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19 August 2020
Covid Marshal

COVID Marshal Training is now available online at https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery/covid-marshals

From 21 August 2020, you must have either a nominated or a dedicated COVID Marshal if your business or activity involves any of the following:

  • The onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (indoor and outdoor). This does not include take-away only operators.
  • Religious or faith-based ceremonies.
  • Supermarkets and hardware stores.
  • Distribution centres (including associated transport operations).
  • Gymnasiums and fitness centres.
  • Swimming pools used by the public.
  • Social and sporting clubs.
  • Any activity where a COVID Management Plan is required.
  • Any operation which may be defined by the state coordinator.

If more than 200 people are reasonably expected to participate in the business or operation then you must have a dedicated COVID Marshal. If fewer than 200 people are reasonably expected to participate then you must have a nominated COVID Marshal.

For complete information about the roles and responsibilities of COVID Marshals and training requirements please visit https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/recovery/covid-marshals.