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22 March 2021
Fuel pricing image

A scheme that mandates real-time petrol pricing information is being trialled in South Australia to help motorists save at the bowser.

Petrol stations must now report their fuel prices to a central database, and any time their fuel price changes at the bowser they must report the new price to the central database within 30 minutes. The new price is then made available to the public via fuel price apps and websites.

By making it mandatory for all petrol stations to report their fuel prices, fuel price apps and websites now have more accurate fuel price information.

So next time you need to buy petrol, finding the cheapest price in your local area could just be a click away.

How to check fuel prices:

  1. See a list of fuel price apps and websites that have signed up under the SA Government's fuel price reporting trial.
  2. Download one of these apps or visit one of these websites to check petrol prices near you.