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21 August 2020
Its not hard to get caught off guard

Scammers trick lots of victims each year by impersonating trusted organisations and stealing their money and personal information.

Consumer protection agencies across Australia are warning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers about scams.

$2.1 million dollars was lost to scams by First Nations Australians in 2019. Not only will scammers steal your money and personal information, but the emotional impact could last a lifetime.

Stop and take time to think things through when:

  • Someone asks you to share your details online or over the phone.
  • An investment opportunity seems too good to be true.
  • You are feeling pressured into investing money or giving your personal details.

Scammers catch many people off guard by a phone call, email, text message or online pop-up window.

Do not feel pressured into providing your personal details or banking information. Just hang up the phone or close your internet browser.

What if I’ve been scammed?

  • Seek advice and speak to the ACCC Indigenous Hotline 1300 303 143.
  • If you have sent money to a scammer, or sent your bank or personal details, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.
  • If you are afraid for your safety, contact the Police.
  • Always report the scam to the ACCC’s Scamwatch.

There is no shame if you have been scammed, anyone can be a victim. Talk to your family and friends about what happened so they don’t get scammed.

Visit the ACCC’s Scamwatch at scamwatch.gov.au for more information on scams, including how to report a scam.