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6 July 2021
Liquor reform

The final stage of the reform to liquor licensing in South Australia came into operation on 18 November 2019.

The reforms were developed in response to the 2016 review conducted by retired Supreme Court Judge Tim Anderson QC, which made 129 recommendations to create a modern and flexible licensing system that supports a vibrant hospitality industry, while maintaining a safe drinking culture.

Delivery of the reforms was divided into three stages to allow for operational changes and further consultation on different aspects of the reforms.

Updates to premises plans

As part of the reform to liquor licensing laws in South Australia, Consumer and Business Services has updated all premises plans. Licensees can access a copy of their updated premises plan by logging into the Liquor and gaming online portal (LGO).

The changes to the premises plans include:

  • updating the licence number to reflect the new liquor licence number issued to licensees on 18 November 2019
  • removing all coloured lines on the plan other than lines indicating:
    • the licensed area (red) 
    • the gaming area (purple)
    • the area where prescribed entertainment is authorised (blue)
    • areas out of bounds to minors (orange)
    • areas which are part of a collective outlet (green).

These changes align the plan with the licences issued on 18 November 2019 – for example, the updated liquor licences refer to one set of hours and one capacity for the entire premises, and removes the need for area numbers and area lines (except for those mentioned above) on the plan.

The changes also align the plans with the updated legislation – for example, removing the yellow line, which referred to entertainment consent and the green line, which indicated a designated dining area. Both are no longer required under the updated legislation.

It is important for licensees to remember that your liquor licence authorises the sale and supply of liquor in accordance with:

  • the Liquor Licensing Act 1997
  • terms and conditions of your liquor licence 
  • Commissioner’s Codes of Practice. 

Sale and supply of liquor may also be limited by any licensing court orders or conditions imposed by local council.

It is your responsibility to determine what additional orders or conditions limit the sale and supply of liquor authorised by your licence. 

If you have any queries regarding your updated plan, contact the liquor and gaming team on 131 882 or email liquorandgaming [at] sa.gov.au.


The State Government delivered the 2018-19 State Budget on Tuesday, 4 September 2018, which included the introduction of new liquor licensing fees.

All current licences transitioned to new liquor licence categories on 18 November 2019 and a risk-based annual licensing fee has been adopted. Licensees can calculate their new annual licensing fees using the fee calculator.

The new fee structure commenced on 18 November 2019 but will not affect existing licences until the annual fee renewal period in mid-2020.  

Consumer and Business Services have also developed the Liquor and gaming online portal (LGO). Licensees can use LGO to manage their liquor licence, including make applications and pay fees.  

Key dates

18 November 2019 - New liquor licensing system became operational

Licensees were posted updated licences and new licence categories became operational. 

Previous stages

September 2018

Stage 2 changes create tougher penalties for breaches of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997, expand protections for minors, reduce red tape, and introduce additional changes in the best interest of the community in relation to:

  • direct sales
  • seizure of evidence of age documents
  • dry zones
  • welfare barrings
  • training requirements
  • liquor accords.

Laws have now passed that support the stage 2 reforms, many of which commence 24 September 2018.

Read more about the latest changes.

December 2017

The first stage of reforms commenced in December 2017, focusing on protecting minors and reducing red tape.

Find out more about changes to industry licensing and supply of alcohol to minors

Further information

More information on Liquor licensing reform

Information on new and existing liquor licences and venues can be found on sa.gov.au