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26 June 2020
Register your newborn's birth online

You can now register your newborn's birth online. There's no need to print, sign or post anything.

You must register your baby within 60 days of the birth. It's really important! The hospital doesn't do this for you. 

If you don't register the birth: 

  • you may not be able to apply for certain Centrelink benefits
  • you won't be able to get a birth certificate for the baby. 

It's free to register the birth. 

Registering your baby

Register your baby at www.cbs.sa.gov.au/births-deaths-marriages

You don't have to complete the online form in one go. Once you have started the online form you will be given a reference number. You can use this reference number to carry on where you left off for up to 48 hours. 

If you don't have internet access, call 131 882 and we will send you a paper form. 

Birth certificate

You can choose to order a birth certificate at the same time as registering your baby online. There is a fee to apply for the certificate. 

You can order a birth certificate at a later time if you wish.