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21 June 2019
Keys with house keyring

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) is running an education and compliance program to ensure that rooming house operators engage in fair and honest dealings with residents. This follows an increasing number of complaints to CBS about rooming house arrangements.

The complaints have included operators being in potential breach of the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 by: 

  • Not lodging a bond with CBS within 2 weeks of receiving it, or within 4 weeks if the owner is a registered land agent
  • Taking more than 2 weeks rent as bond
  • Taking more than 1 weeks rent at the beginning of a rooming house agreement
  • Not providing residents with a receipt within 48 hours for bond paid
  • Not providing a receipt for rent payments received within 48 hours (except where  payments are made into a bank account)

Where potential breaches are detected, CBS will investigate and take appropriate enforcement action, which may include issuing an expiation notice or prosecution/disciplinary action.

For more information about rooming houses please see: