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27 October 2021
Jack-o-lantern at Halloween

Halloween has become increasingly popular in Australia over the last decade. If you’re planning some Halloween activities with your family this year, there are some things you can do to prevent it turning into Halloween hell.

Look for ingredient labelling

If you plan to use fake tattoos, face paint, makeup or fake blood, check that they come with ingredient labels and keep them handy throughout the night. 

If someone in your group has an allergic reaction to a product, having a list of ingredients available to show doctors can save vital time when determining how to treat the person.

Check that any light up or musical novelties are child-proof

When buying light up or musical novelties that are powered by button batteries, check that the battery compartment is secured with a screw or similar fastener to prevent little ones gaining access to the battery.

The statistics on button batteries aren’t pretty, with one child a month sustaining a serious injury from swallowing or inserting button batteries.

Avoid disappearing into the night

If you or your children will be wearing black or dark coloured costumes, you could be hard to see in the dark. To ensure drivers and other trick-or-treaters can see you, add glow sticks or a reflective strip to your costumes and carry a torch.

Check the fire rating on costumes and wigs

Jack-o-lanterns may be out in full force for Halloween. The best way to ensure costumes, wigs and other accessories are a low fire risk is to look for labels that state the product is ‘flame resistant’ or ‘fire resistant’.  Avoid products with warnings such as ‘keep away from flame’ or ‘Warning! Keep away from fire’.

Also avoid loose fitting costumes, particularly if you or your little ones will be around candles.

More safety tips

Read more tips on the Product Safety Australia website.