CBS Heads Up – Changes to gambling legislation commencing 1 January 2016 – CBS news

Changes to gambling legislation commenced 1 January 2016

Changes to gambling related legislation aim to improve existing responsible gambling measures for gaming venues and reduce red tape.

Changes that commenced on 1 January 2016 mean that:

  • Gaming machine layouts no longer require the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner’s approval.
  • Integrity risk checks for gaming managers and gaming employees are able to be made by the Commissioner of Police through the Barring and Online Employee Notification (BOEN) system.
  • It is an offence to purchase, or enter into a contract or agreement to purchase a gaming machine unless that person has a licence to do so.
  • EFTPOS facilities within a gaming area are allowed so that trained gaming staff are able to monitor a person’s cash withdrawal behaviour and if necessary, intervene appropriately.
  • Poker cannot be played in a public place unless set out in the Lottery and Gaming (Poker) Variation Regulations.

Further information is provided in the licensee gambling reform bulletin (PDF 326KB) which was issued prior to the changes (or which was issued in December 2015)