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Extent of prohibition: 

The consumption of liquor is prohibited and the possession of liquor is prohibited.

Period of prohibition: 

From 8 pm on each day to 8 am on the following day, provided that where:
(a) an event of historic, cultural, traditional or major community significance is held in the area; and
(b) the consumption and possession of liquor in the area (or a defined portion of the area) are authorised for a specified period for the purposes of the event by The Berri Barmera Council, the prohibition does not apply in the area (or defined portion of the area) during that specified period.

Description of area: 

The area in Barmera generally known as the Barmera Skate Park (the Skate Park that lies between Dean Drive and Nookamka Terrace immediately to the north-east of the Barmera Monash Football Club Oval), being the area containing skating structures and other facilities bounded on the south-east, south-west and north-west by a low barrier fence constructed of logs and on the north-east by a chain-link fence (the south-western fence of an in-line skating hockey rink) and the prolongation in a straight line of the fence line of that chain-link fence to the south-eastern boundary of Dean Drive.

Map of area: