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Extent of prohibition: 

The consumption of liquor is prohibited and the possession of liquor is prohibited.

Period of prohibition: 

From 6:00pm on 30 December 2022 to 6:00am on 2 January 2023 (inclusive).

Description of area: 

The area in Goolwa Central and Port of Goolwa (generally known as the Wharf Precinct) and to be known as Goolwa Area 3 bounded as follows: commencing at the north eastern corner of Section 315, Hundred of Goolwa, and then due west to the eastern side of the railway reserve. Then follow the easterly side of the railway reserve until reaching the south western underside of the Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island Bridge. Head in a north westerly direction, along the south western side of Brooking Street, until the round-about intersection of Brooking Street, Liverpool Road and Goolwa Terrace. Follow the south eastern side of Goolwa Terrace until the intersection of Cadell Street and Goolwa Terrace. Traversing the north eastern side of Cadell Street, past the Cadell Street and Cutting Road intersection. Continue along Cadell Street and enter Hayes Street then to the Hayes Street and Porter Street intersection. Head south east to the Porter Street and Admiral Terrace intersection. Then head south west and continue along the eastern side of Admiral Terrace past the intersections of Goyder Street, Hutchinson Street, Sidmouth Street until the Admiral Terrace and Baronet Street intersection. Head east south east and traverse around the jetty and return to the eastern side of the boardwalk. Head north east along the eastern side of the boardwalk then a straight line, by the shortest route, to the southern side of the jetty. Then in a straight line by the shortest route to the south eastern side of the Goolwa Wharf. Traverse the south eastern side of the Goolwa Wharf under the Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island Bridge along the River Murray bank to the south eastern side of Section 315 returning to the point of commencement.

Map of area: 
Map showing dry are for Goolwa Wharf Precinct