East West Venture Pty Ltd – undertaking


Liquor Licensing Act 1997

Section 119A

Undertaking to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner; given for the purposes of s 119A of the Liquor Licensing Act  1997: 

East West Venture Pty Ltd [ACN 609 698 017]

Persons Giving this Undertaking

  1. This undertaking  is given to the  Liquor and Gambling  Commissioner  by East West Venture Pty Ltd of 22 Heathfield Road, Bellevue Heights in the State of South Australia for the purposes of section 119A of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (“the Act”).


2. East West Venture Pty Ltd (“EWV”) is a proprietary company limited by shares.

3. East West Venture Pty Ltd has held a Restaurant Licence pursuant to Section 34 of the Act since 28 September 2016 in respect of the premises The Crane Japan Restaurant.

4. Mr Kwee Lin Yee (“Mr Yee”) is the sole director of East West Ventures Pty Ltd.

Conduct of Concern

5. That between the  period  14 December  2015  to 27 August  2016,  in the  course  of conducting  the  business  of The  Crane  Japan  Restaurant ,  EWV sold liquor without holding a licence under the Act.

Contraventions of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997

6. The Commissioner considers, and EWV acknowledges, that by engaging in the conduct described in paragraph 5, EWV contravened:

6.1 Section 29 of the Liquor Licensing Act

7. Upon being made aware of the Commissioner’s concerns, EWV:

7.1 Agreed to  provide  an  undertaking  to  the  Liquor  and  Gambling  Commissioner pursuant to section 119A of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.


8. EWV undertakes to ensure that it will:

8.1 Not sell liquor without a licence; and

8.2 Comply with the conditions of the Restaurant Licence 50627048 .

Commencement of Undertaking

9. This undertaking comes into effect when:

9.1 The undertaking is executed by EWV; and

9.2 The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner accepts the undertaking so executed .


10. EWV acknowledges that:

10.1 CBS will make this undertaking publicly available including by publishing it on CBS’ public register of undertakings on its website;

10.2 CBS will, from time to time, make public reference to the undertaking including in news media statements and in CBS publications;

10.3 This undertaking in no way derogates from the rights and remedies available to any other person arising from the alleged conduct.

Signed undertaking (PDF 86KB)