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Forms 5 & 6 – details to include in a sales contract (Second-hand Vehicle Dealers)

Changes were recently made to second-hand vehicle dealers legislation requiring additional details to be included in form 5 and form 6.

There is a transitional period to allow dealers time to understand their obligations under the amendments and to comply with the new form requirements.

The transitional period has been extended to 1 March 2018. After that date, forms 5 and 6 used by dealers must comply.

New requirements

Changes to the Second-Hand Vehicle Dealers Regulations 2010 were made through the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers (Simplify No 2) Variation Regulations 2017.

Additional details that must be included in Forms 5 and 6 are:

• dealer handling fee
• ownership and odometer declaration
• signatures of the parties to the contract.