You can order publications using the form below, or click on the link to download and print a copy.
Savvy Consumer (PDF 1.72MB)Booklet
Avoiding unfair business practices (PDF 313KB)Brochure
Can you pick the travelling con man? (PDF 570KB) (temporarily unavailable)Brochure
Consumer guarantees (PDF 326KB)Brochure
Consumers and unfair contract terms (ACCC) (PDF 529KB)Brochure
DO NOT KNOCK - no door-to-door salespeopleSticker
Door-to-door sales (PDF 418KB)Brochure
Mobile phones (PDF 115KB)Brochure
Sales practices: a guide for consumers (PDF 370KB)Brochure
Ladder safety (PDF 1MB)Brochure
Its about the house - advice about buying and selling a home (PDF 9MB)Booklet
Buying a used car? (PDF 1MB)Brochure
Buying a used car? - Checklist for Indigenous consumers (PDF 1MB)Brochure
To order publications about credit loans and debt please contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Refund rights poster (PDF 110KB)Poster
The little black book of scams (ACCC) (PDF 1.26MB) - if you wish to order more than 10 copies please contact the ACCCBooklet
Product safety
A range of electronic and hard copy publications are available via the Product Safety Australia website

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