Do Not Call Register

The Do Not Call Register has been set up by the federal government in order to control the number of unwanted telemarketing calls received by people at home or on their mobile phones.

Once you register your home phone, or mobile numbers, telemarketers are required, by law, to stop calling you. Telephone numbers can be registered only if they are used primarily for private and domestic purposes.

Amendments to the legislation, which took effect on 30 May 2010, mean registrations will now last for five years. The register has also been expanded to allow people to register fax numbers and numbers used by emergency services and government bodies.

Some public interest organisations, such as charities, political parties and educational institutions, are exempt from these laws and are allowed to make calls to numbers listed on the register. These exemptions are in place to ensure these organisations can continue to provide services to the community.


To register there are three options:

  1. visit
  2. call 1300 792 958