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2 February 2021


From 3 December, significant gambling reforms have come into effect in South Australia. 

There are changes and new requirements for licensees. 

Latest updates


Licensee updates
Changes to fees

The fee notice under the Gaming Machines Act 1992 has been updated for the 2021-22 financial year. 

This notice was gazetted on 17 June 2021 and includes updated application fees for: 

  • exemptions from provisions within the Code of Practice
  • amalgamating club licences
  • varying licence conditions to increase the number of gaming machines approved for operation on a licensed premises.

See the South Australian Government Gazette for a comprehensive list of the fees. 

New signage requirements for venues with Facial Recognition Technology

As a licence holder you must display a sign if facial recognition technology is operating in the gaming area.

A number of new signs have been created in different languages for licence holders to use if required. 

See Signage requirements for details. 

Facial Recognition Technology - applications now open

As part of the gambling reform package, certain licensees operating gaming machines with banknote acceptors and the Adelaide Casino will need to operate a facial recognition system to identify barred persons about to enter a gaming area. 

Licensees will only be allowed to operate facial recognition systems that have been evaluated and approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. 

See Facial Recognition Technology for more details about the currently approved systems, gaming machine licence holder requirements and the minimum technical requirements for systems. 

What's changed? 

New gaming machine equipment

As part of the gambling reform package, gaming machines will be able to be operated using banknotes or tickets (commonly known as 'ticket-in ticket-out' or TITO) instead of coins. 

Gaming machines to be operated using banknotes or tickets in hotels and clubs will need to: 

Gaming machine manufacturers will need to submit an application to CBS so that gaming machines fitted with banknote acceptors and ticket-enabled devices can be approved for use in South Australia. 

See Banknote acceptors and TITO for more details. 

New licence conditions

The new Gaming Machine Licence Conditions have now come into effect. 

A gaming machine licence is subject to the following licence conditions: 

The holder of a gaming machine licence must not contravene or fail to comply with a condition of the licence. 

New self-assessment checklists

New self-assessment checklists are now available for licensees.

These checklists have been developed to help licensees assess their level of compliance with new legislation, regulations and codes of practice. 

While not mandatory, it is recommended the relevant self-assessment checklist is completed by a licensee at least every 6 months. 

New Codes of Practice

New Codes of Practice have now come into effect

The new codes include changes to:

  • the way gambling products and activities may be advertised to customers
  • times of day when gambling advertising is not permitted
  • the way the Barring and Online Employee Notification (BOEN) system is used
  • prohibit second-hand dealers or pawnbrokers from conducting business on premises subject to a gaming machine licence
  • reflect the operation of gaming machines with banknote acceptors, cashable tickets and cashable ticket redemption terminals. 
  • Work is progressing on the review of the codes of practice for the Adelaide Casino, Authorised Betting Operators and State Lotteries. 

Failing to comply with a mandatory provision of the Codes of Practice is an offence. 

Community Impact Assessment Guidelines

The Social Effect Inquiry Process has been replaced by a new Community Impact Assessment, similar to that required for a liquor licence. 

The new Community Impact Assessment Guidelines are now in effect.

Alongside clearer definitions, the guidelines outline new requirements for:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • simpler statistical and demographic information
  • harm minimisation. 

See Community Impact Assessment for more details. 

Gaming Machine Service Licences

The prohibition on links between gaming machine dealers and service licensees has been removed.

This means that: 

  • the holder of a gaming machine dealer's licence can also hold a gaming machine service licence
  • the holder of a gaming machine dealer's licence can now be associated with the holder of a gaming machine service licence
  • a person can be associated with both a gaming machine dealer licence and the holder of a gaming machine service licence.
New Gambling Administration Guidelines

The new Gambling Administration Guidelines are now in effect and available for licensees.

A number of these guidelines replace prescription notices issued by the former Independent Gambling Authority (IGA) in relation to:

  • account-based cashless gaming systems
  • automated risk monitoring systems
  • courses of training for employees

New guidelines have also been issued to support other reform measures including:

  • the approval of facial recognition technology
  • the approval of ticket-in ticket-out (TITO) systems.

See Gambling administration guidelines for the complete list.

New Approved Betting Contingencies Notice

A contingency is an approved betting event in South Australia. Betting operators who are licensed or authorised to operate in SA can only accept bets on contingencies that have been approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

A new Approved Betting Contingencies Consolidated Notice (PDF 347KB) has come into effect. 

This replaces previous variation notices, and consolidates existing contingencies into one document. 

This notice was gazetted on 17 December 2020. 


On December 1 2018, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) assumed responsibility for all gambling regulatory and policy functions in South Australia – including those previously overseen by the Independent Gambling Authority.

These reforms arose from recommendations in the review by the Hon Tim Anderson QC.

You can read the review on parliament.sa.gov.au by searching 'Tabled Papers and Petitions'.

Search instructions - In the 'Search Text' field, include the full name of the report - Gambling Regulation in South Australia, Administrative Review of - Report 9 December 2016.

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