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17 February 2020


On 12 December 2019, State Parliament passed legislation to significantly reform the regulation of gambling in South Australia.

Amendments will need to be made to the regulations under each of the gambling acts, changes made to the Advertising and Responsible Gambling Codes of Practice, new gambling administration guidelines and community impact assessment guidelines developed. CBS will also need to update its systems and operations in support of these reforms.

CBS has formed a project team to manage the implementation of these reforms. Stakeholders will be consulted on these changes and is expected to occur in stages during the second and third quarters of 2020.

CBS is aiming to commence all of the reforms as a complete package in late 2020.

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Further information

For any queries relating to gambling regulation, enforcement or barring orders, please contact CBS on 131 882 or gamblingadministration [at] sa.gov.au



On December 1 2018, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) assumed responsibility for all gambling regulatory and policy functions in South Australia – including those previously overseen by the Independent Gambling Authority.

These reforms arose from recommendations in the review by the Hon Tim Anderson QC.

You can read the review on parliament.sa.gov.au by searching 'Tabled Papers and Petitions'.

Search instructions - In the 'Search Text' field, include the full name of the report - Gambling Regulation in South Australia, Administrative Review of - Report 9 December 2016.

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These Acts are yet to commence. 


Help with problem gambling

If you need immediate help with problem gambling including if you want to be barred, or are already barred from a gaming venue and need further information please visit Help with problem gambling.