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In December 2018, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner became the sole regulator for all gambling industries following the abolition of the Independent Gambling Authority by the State Government.

Since then, the Commissioner has overseen an extensive review of all gambling legislation. This led to significant gambling reforms which took effect on 3 December 2020.

These reforms provide increased protections for South Australians affected by gambling harm, while also striking an important balance by ensuring a well-regulated and economically viable gambling industry.

Strategic plan 2022-25

As part of the ongoing commitment to reduce harm caused by gambling, the Commissioner has developed a strategic plan to provide clear direction and objectives around the regulation of the gambling industry in South Australia over the next 3 years.

The plan details a clear path towards ensuring measures are in place to minimise the harmful impact of gambling in South Australia, while maintaining a gambling industry that is able to continue to operate in a responsible manner.

Gambling regulation strategic plan 2022-25 (PDF 120KB)

Gambling regulation strategic plan on a page (PDF 4MB)