Gym membership contracts

The Health and Fitness Industry Code protects consumers by making sure particular information is included in contracts. Details about the type and length of contract and the total cost must be included. Importantly, you should also be given warnings to cancel direct debits when your contract ends. Making sure these protections are in contracts were targeted in a recent audit of gyms by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) officers.

This educational based operation saw almost 20 independent and smaller gyms visited. CBS staff viewed current contracts and provided feedback about changes that would need to be made to be compliant with the code. Gyms were given a copy of the code for their reference. More gyms will be visited shortly to finalise this audit.

Gym membership agreements can end up costing consumers dearly if a gym closes down. The Health and Fitness Industry Code minimises potential losses by making contracts transparent and limits the length of an agreement to 12 months. Check your contract to make sure it includes information about when the contract will end, how much it’ll cost and how to cancel any direct debits.