Housing SA – changes to property owners declaration form and tenancy reviews

Property Owners Declaration Form (EPOD)

Housing SA is introducing an on-line property owners declaration form to assist agents and landlords with providing the information needed to issue bond and rent assistance for Housing SA customers. The EPOD will be available later this month via sa.gov.au.

Tenancy Reviews

Housing SA periodically needs to confirm the status of a private rental tenancy to determine if the tenant is still living in the property and the bond should remain lodged. To assist with the process Housing SA is introducing on-line tenancy reviews. This will replace the current paper based process. For tenancies requiring confirmation, emails will be sent to agents and landlords on Monday mornings asking them to advise of a vacancy date or a new end of tenancy date if the tenant is continuing in the property. More information on the tenancy review process is available on sa.gov.au.