What CBS investigates

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) investigates and enforces laws for consumers. Our investigations may focus on:

  • unlicensed traders
  • traders who are suspected of breaking the law or their licence conditions
  • business tactics that take advantage of people who are vulnerable
  • traders who take payments for goods and services but fail to do the work

CBS Compliance and Enforcement policy 2018 – 2020 (PDF 87KB)

Industry areas of focus

CBS is also focusing on compliance issues in the following industries:

  • associations
  • building
  • casino, gaming and wagering
  • liquor
  • plumbing, gas fitting and electrical
  • real estate and conveyancing
  • second-hand vehicle dealers
  • security and investigation agents

Report unfair trading

Investigation outcomes

CBS uses the following actions to enforce the law following their investigations:

Australian Consumer Law guide

Compliance and enforcement: how regulators enforce the Australian Consumer Law (PDF 1.7MB)

Contact CBS

Email, phone or visit CBS for more information about Compliance and Enforcement.

Previous policy

CBS Compliance and Enforcement policy 2016 – 2017 (PDF 88KB)