Application process

Gaming applications – application process

Application lodgement

In accordance with the Gaming Machines Act 1992, when an application is lodged with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) to apply for the approval of a new licence, certain requirements must be met prior to that application being heard by the Commissioner.

Depending on the type of licence being sought, different requirements must be met.

Advertising and notification

Any application for a new licence requires advertising. View Advertising Requirements.


When an application is advertised, any person can lodge an objection at least seven days before the hearing date.

The application is processed

The application once lodged is handled by the CBS Customer Service Centre, they process all documents received and arrange the following:

  1. a hearing date is set to have the application heard by a Delegate
  2. a letter is sent to the applicant which includes:
    • notification of hearing, includes details on place, date and time
    • details on outstanding documents requiring lodgement at least 7 days prior to the hearing date
    • copy of the approved Form 1 with advertising requirements set out
    • copy of this office’s practice direction

All outstanding documents must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the set hearing date to ensure that the date set is not adjourned.

How Long Does an Application Take to be Granted?

An application that is required to be advertised usually takes about six (6) weeks from lodgement to determine, but it may take longer if an objection has been lodged.