Approval of persons

Process of approval

Application to the casino

The Casino Act 1997 requires that a person must not be permitted to work at the Casino in a sensitive position unless the person is approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

Once a person has been selected as suitable for employment, SKYCITY Casino Adelaide will apply to the Commissioner for approval for the selected applicants to work in a sensitive position at the Casino.

A person first applies with the Casino for consideration of potential employment.

Application to Consumer and Business Services

SKYCITY Adelaide as the licensee may apply to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner to approve a suitable person to work in:

  • sensitive positions or
  • positions of responsibility of a particular class or particular classes

The Commissioner may require the person for whom the approval is sought to submit to the taking of photographs, finger prints and palm prints by the South Australia Police.The application must be accompanied by the information and materials required by the Commissioner.

The Commissioner must give the Commissioner of Police a copy of all applications made and must allow the Commissioner of Police a reasonable opportunity to make representations on the application.

The Commissioner of Police must make available to Consumer and Business Services information about criminal convictions and other information to which the Commissioner of Police has access relevant to whether the application should be granted.

Decision on application

The Commissioner may grant or refuse an application for approval and must give written notice to the licensee and the person for whom the approval was sought.

Suspension of approval

If a person who currently holds an approval is charged with an offence involving dishonesty or punishable by imprisonment, the Commissioner may, by written notice to the licensee and the approved person, suspend the approval.

While the approval is under suspension, the person is not to be regarded as a person approved to work in a position of responsibility or a sensitive position (as the case requires).

The Commissioner may revoke a suspension at any time.

Revocation of approval

The Commissioner may, by written notice to the licensee and the approved person, revoke the approval.

Before the Commissioner revokes an approval, the Commissioner must, by written notices, invite the licensee and the approved person to make representations within a specified time and must consider any representations made in response to the invitations.

Staff not to gamble

  • A staff member must not operate any machine or participate in any game in the Casino except to the extent necessary for the proper performance of the member’s duties.
  • Maximum penalty: $10,000.

Sensitive position

In relation to the Casino as licensee, a sensitive position is any of the following offices or positions occupied by:

  • a director, secretary, officer or other person who exercises or is in a position to exercise control or substantial influence over the licensee in the conduct of its affairs or
  • an employee of the licensee or
  • a person employed or engaged (either by the licensee or someone else) to work at the Casino; (except a position classified as non-sensitive by the Independent Gambling Authority)

Casino employee approvals – frequently asked questions

How do I apply for approval?

Only applicants selected by SKYCITY Casino Adelaide as suitable for employment are able to apply to the Commissioner for approval to work in a sensitive position at the Casino.  Successful applicants are required to apply for approval by completing a personal information declaration form (which will be provided by SKYCITY Casino Adelaide).  Applicants will also be required to provide two colour passport size photographs and any other necessary attachments.

As part of this process, The Commissioner requires that all applicants submit to the taking of fingerprints.  SKYCITY Casino Adelaide will arrange for applicants to have their fingerprints taken by the South Australian Police Licensing Enforcement Branch section.

SKYCITY CASINO Adelaide will advise applicants of the required lodgement procedure.

Apply for approval of a person (casino)

What offences should be included in my personal information declaration?

Applicants are required to disclose all instances of being arrested, prosecuted or charged in respect of any offence, under any act, including juvenile or traffic offences, whether or not a conviction was recorded.

Past advice by Courts, solicitors, officials etc., that certain offences need not be disclosed when seeking employment may not apply to employment at the SKYCITY Adelaide Casino and may not be a valid excuse should any past undisclosed offences be revealed.  Expiation notices, while not an admission of guilt, should also be disclosed.

How long does it take for an approval to be granted?

The Office of Consumer and Business Services endeavours to process applications for approval as quickly as possible.  However, as each application is considered on its own merits, and is subject to criminal history, financial and background checks by Police it is impossible to provide an expected time frame for the processing of an application.

Currently the average time that it takes to process an application for the approval of a person is four (4) weeks; however in some circumstances a temporary approval may be granted.

However if there are issues of concern arising from investigation (such as the applicant having a criminal record) the time taken to process the application may be delayed and subject to review by Consumer and Business Services.

Once approval has been granted, SKYCITY Casino Adelaide will be advised, and will arrange for the applicant’s commencement of employment.