ATM’s and EFTPOS facilities

Responsible Gambling

ATMs and EFTPOS facilities

Location of facilities (Section 51A)

ATM and EFTPOS facilities are not permitted to be located in the designated gaming area of licensed premises.

Withdrawal limits (Section 51B)

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

From 1 February 2014 any withdrawal or multiple withdrawals on any one debit or credit card from an ATM operating at a South Australian gaming machine venue must not exceed in total $250 in any 24 hour period.

The onus is on the licensee to ensure that any ATM operating at the venue complies with these withdrawal limits.  Licensees will need to arrange with their provider to install or activate these limits.

Where a licensee considers that a higher daily withdrawal limit may be warranted and is able to satisfy the Commissioner that there are sufficient reasons for an increased limit to apply, an increased daily limit may be approved for ATMs operating at the venue.  Approval for an increased limit will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.

EFTPOS Facilities

From 1 February 2014, the following limitations have been imposed on cash withdrawals by customers using EFTPOS facilities at South Australian gaming machine venues:

  • each withdrawal must not exceed $200;
  • the person operating the EFTPOS facility must confirm the amount of cash requested to be withdrawn by the person immediately before the transaction is processed; and
  • cash may only be obtained directly from a person operating the EFTPOS facility or from a dispenser which is in the immediate vicinity of the EFTPOS facility so long as the dispenser does not form part of an ATM.

Some financial institutions may be unable to limit withdrawals from EFTPOS facilities. Licensees will need to contact their EFTPOS provider to determine whether this service is available.

Licensees which have an EFTPOS facility with a financial institution that is NOT able to provide this service will need to ensure that they have appropriate management systems and procedures in place to ensure that withdrawals do not exceed $200.