Gaming machine entitlements

Gaming machine entitlements

To operate gaming machines in South Australia, the holder of a gaming machine licence must hold a gaming machine entitlement for each gaming machine in their possession.

While each licence specifies the maximum number of gaming machines which are approved for the venue (the maximum is 40 machines), that maximum number also reflects the maximum number of gaming machine entitlements that a licensee can hold.

Licencees may hold a number of gaming machine entitlements that is less than or equal to the maximum number of approved machines, but never more than the maximum number approved for a gaming venue.

Licensees who have less than a maximum number of 40 gaming machines authorised on the licence may apply to the Commissioner to increase that maximum number for their licensed premises.

New licences

Any applications granted for a new licence will have a maximum number of approved machines authorised. No entitlements will be issued.

How to acquire gaming machine entitlements

Gaming machine entitlements can only be acquired in one of three ways-

  • purchased through the approved trading system; or
  • under a contractual agreement with Club One (subject to approval by the Commissioner); or
  • where licences are held by a non-profit association (i.e. club or community hotel), entitlements can be transferred to another non-profit association under an agreement approved by the Commissioner to facilitate the merger or amalgamation of gaming machine operations for the benefit of both non-profit associations.

Gambling reforms – Extension of gaming machine entitlement concept

On 24 July 2013 the Statues Amendment (Gambling Reform) Bill 2013 was passed by Parliament, which introduced major reforms to gambling legislation in South Australia aimed at improving regulatory and responsible gambling measures for gaming venues and reducing red tape.

In particular, from 1 January 2014 these amendments –

  • extended the concept of a gaming machine entitlement to the gaming machine operations of the Adelaide Casino;
  • required the Adelaide Casino to be granted 995 non-transferable gaming machine entitlements, being equivalent to the maximum number of gaming machines which could be operated at the Casino on 31 December 2013;
  • established a state wide cap objective of 13 081 gaming machine entitlements which covers all gaming sector venues, inclusive of the 995 entitlements granted to the Adelaide Casino;
  • allow the Adelaide Casino access to the Approved Trading System, where it can buy and sell transferable gaming machine entitlements; and allow Club One, on application, to place gaming machine entitlements at the Adelaide Casino under a contractual arrangement approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

 List of gaming machine entitlements held in SA

A list of all gaming machine entitlements held in SA and the venues at which those entitlements are held are available here:

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