About the gaming machine licence

About gaming machine licences

In South Australia, a gaming machine licence authorises the holder to possess and operate gaming machines.

Each licence receives authorisation for an approved number of gaming machines.

The approved number of gaming machines is the maximum number of gaming machine entitlements that can be held in respect of the licensed premises. The maximum number that can be held can not exceed 40.

Gaming machines can not be operated unless the licensee holds one or more gaming machine entitlements. One gaming machine entitlement allows a licensee to operate one gaming machine. Entitlements may only be purchased through the trade system.

To be eligible to apply for a gaming machine licence a venue must hold either a hotel licence, club licence or a special circumstances licence (where that licence was granted on surrender of a hotel or club licence or is a major sporting venue or headquarters for a sporting code) under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

In South Australia, gaming machine licensees may acquire their own machines either by purchase, lease, hire purchase or rental.

Gaming machines commenced operating in hotels and clubs on 25 July 1994.

Approved gaming hours

The Commissioner approves the hours of gaming machine operation pursuant to Section 27(7) of the Act.

  • Gaming machine hours must fall within the hours authorised under the applicable liquor licence.
  • For example, if a hotel is only authorised to sell liquor until midnight on weekdays, then similarly, they are only permitted to operate gaming machines until midnight.
  • Gaming hours can be less than those authorised under the liquor licence.
  • The maximum gaming hours allowed are detailed on the Gaming Machine Licence issued to the licensee.
  • A licensee may not wish to utilise the maximum authorised operating hours and may elect to arrange for the machines to be enabled or disabled at times within those specified in the licence.
  • For example, a licensee may have approved gaming hours which permit trading from 6am on weekdays.  The licensee may not wish for machines to be enabled this early.  They may elect to have the machines enabled at 10am.
  • To arrange for an alternative time (which falls within the maximum authorised hours) licensees can contact the Independent Gaming Corporation on 8394 2200.

For more information see Varying the approved gaming hours.

Six hour break

Gaming operations must cease for a minimum of 6 hours in each 24 hour period. This can be a period of 6 continuous hours, 2 separate periods of 3 hours or 3 separate periods of 2 hours.

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