Transfer liquor and gaming machine licences


Applicants need to satisfy the licensing authority that they are fit and proper persons to hold liquor and gaming machine licences and will need to complete a Personal Information Declarations (PDF 120KB).

Relevant liquor knowledge, skills and experience, the results of a police check (including having fingerprints taken) and creditworthiness will be taken into consideration.

Gaming machine surcharge

If the transfer results in a gaming machine surcharge payable under the Stamp Duties Act 1923, it is a condition of the licence that the surcharge is payable within the period allowed under the Stamp Duties Act.

For more information on gaming machine surcharge contact Revenue SA.

The applicant

The applicant is the new entity taking over the business, not the current licensee. When lodging an application all the people to be involved in the business, for example, all partners, must be included on the application.

If the business is a company the application should be made in the company name.  Where an individual runs the business, the individual is the applicant.

All documentation such as leases and finance agreements must be in the name of the applicant.

How to apply

Applicants may wish to contact a solicitor or relevant industry association before making an application.

  • All the relevant forms and other documentation will need to be lodged meeting the minimum requirements when making an application.
  • Once the minimum requirements and documents have been received by Consumer and Business Services, applicants will be informed of the hearing date for the application.

What to include

  1. Transfer of Liquor and Gaming application (PDF 78KB)
  2. application fee – including government gazette fee for advertising
  3. notice of advertisement:
  4. Form 1 Notice (PDF 60KB) – the Form 2 Notice will be sent once the application has been lodged
  5. if the applicant is a company – ASIC search extract and/or Share certificates:
    • detailing directors and shareholders of the company
  6. Personal Information Declarations (PDF 120KB) (PID):
    • for responsible persons, gaming machine managers and gaming machine employees
    • in the case of a sole-trader or partnership: For the sole applicant or each partner
    • in the case of a body corporate: For each director and shareholder
    • for each director and shareholder of any shareholding company
    • for each beneficiary under a trust (other than a minor)
    • for any other person in a position of authority
  7. fingerprinting Instructions
    • once a Personal Information Declaration has been lodged, each person must arrange to have their fingerprints taken
    • if a person resides in a remote area, interstate or overseas, alternative arrangements can be made
    • contact the Police Licensing and Gaming Advice Section to make an appointment or to make an alternative arrangement
  8. two passport sized photographs for each person seeking approval.

Relevant police and creditworthiness checks may take up to six weeks to complete. If individuals reside interstate or overseas, this may take longer. It is strongly advised that Personal Information Declarations be lodged and arrangements made for fingerprints to be taken, as soon as possible.

A hearing date will not be set until all of these documents have been received.

Further requirements

Lodge at least seven days before hearing date

The following documents are required to be lodged at least seven days before the date of the hearing or your application may be delayed.

  • Proof that the application has been advertised:
    • a copy of the page where the advertisement appears in The Advertiser
    • a copy of the page where the advertisement appears in the local newspaper (eg. Messenger).
  • Details of finance:
    • a copy of a bank or loan statement (if the applicant has borrowed money to finance the application).
  • Certificate of registration of business name in the name of the applicant.
  • Copy of certificate of title.
  • Copy of sale or purchase agreement for business or freehold.
  • Commitment to entering into monitoring agreement with IGC and service agent:
    • IGC will have details of your intention to operate the gaming machine licence and will prepare documentation for your entity’s signature as soon as the application is granted.

Other documentation required (if applicable)

  • If the applicant does not own the freehold:
    • executed copy of lease agreement or similar evidence of tenure
    • a letter of consent from the landlord.
  • If the applicant is a partnership and a partnership agreement has been executed:
    • partnership agreement.
  • Front page and Schedule of Beneficiaries relating to any trusts:
    • in the case of a unit trust, the number of units held by each unit holder and whether they are held for someone else.
  • Copy of council outdoor permit to sell alcohol in an adjacent area:
    • in the name of the applicant.
  • Any other relevant approvals, consents or exemptions:
    • for example – Department of Transport, Urban Lands Trust, Marine and Harbours etc.
  • Any agreed conditions by interested parties.