Gaming – objections and interventions

Gaming licensing – objections and interventions

Gaming objections

Any person may object to an application which has been advertised. A copy of the objection must be served by the objector on the applicant at least 7 days before the hearing date. An objection may be made on the ground that to grant the application would be contrary to the Act in that any one of the following matters would not be satisfied:

  • that the proposed gaming area, or gaming areas, within the premises in respect of which the licence is sought is or are suitable for the purpose;
  • that the proposed layout of gaming machines in a gaming area is suitable for the proper conduct of gaming operations within the area;
  • that the arrangements proposed for the security of the premises, each gaming area and the gaming machines, and of the gaming operations generally, are adequate;
  • that the conduct of the proposed gaming operations on the premises would be unlikely to result in undue offence, annoyance, disturbance or inconvenience to those who reside, work or worship in the vicinity of the premises;
  • that the size of the proposed gaming operations on the premises would not be such that they would predominate over the undertaking ordinarily carried out on the premises;
  • that the conduct of the proposed gaming operations on the premises would not detract unduly from the character of the premises, the nature of the undertaking carried out on the premises or the enjoyment of persons ordinarily using the premises (apart for the purpose of gaming);
  • and
  • that no proposed gaming area is so designed or situated that it would be likely to be a special attraction to minors.

Gaming intervention

The Commissioner must furnish the Commissioner of Police with a copy of all applications and the Commissioner of Police may intervene in any proceedings before the Commissioner on the question of:

  • whether a person is a fit and proper person;or
  • whether, if the application were to be granted, public disorder or disturbance would be likely to result.

The Commissioner of Police is a party to any proceedings in which he or she has intervened.