Other gaming licences

Consumer and Business Services provide the following gaming machine licences in South Australia:

  • Gaming Machine Dealers licence
  • Gaming Machine Service licence
  • Gaming Machine Monitor licence


Gaming machine dealer’s licence

A gaming machine dealer’s licence authorises the holder to manufacture gaming machines and prescribed gaming components and to sell or supply these to the holder of the following licence classes:

  • a gaming machine licence
  • a gaming machine service licence
  • the casino licence
  • or to another gaming machine dealer.

List of gaming machine dealer’s

Gaming machine service licence

A gaming machine service licence authorises the licensee to install, service and repair approved gaming machines, prescribed gaming machine components and gaming equipment.

All holders of a gaming machine licence must enter into an arrangement with a holder of a service licence to install, service and repair gaming machines.

Changes to the Gaming Machines Act 1992, which came into effect on 1 July 2006, allow for any number of gaming machine service licences to be granted to businesses in their own right.

Effectively this means a more ‘open market’ model for the regulation of the servicing of gaming machines. An organisation which wants to enter the market can apply for a service licence and, if granted, compete with existing service licensees.

In addition to applicants need to satisfy the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner that they are fit and proper persons to hold a gaming machine service licence, applicants must also provide a submission addressing:

  • Details of the applicant’s ability to offer services to all gaming machine licensees in South Australia (either individually or through affiliation with other service licensees)
  • Details of technical expertise in the gaming machine servicing field
  • Summary of current (or past) business operations
  • Intended hours of operation and provision of services
  • Capacity (both financially and physically) to hold sufficient spare parts and equipment
  • Any other matter the applicant feels may be relevant to the application.

The current structure for the servicing and installation of gaming machines in South Australia is that Bytecraft Systems Pty Ltd is the holder of a Service Licence and acts as a central service company with a number of affiliates, also holders of a Service Licence, which carry out the services in regional areas.

Application forms and lodgement guides

Gaming machine monitor licence

The gaming machine monitor licence authorises the holder to provide and operate an approved computer system for monitoring the operation of all gaming machines.

In South Australia, there is only one monitoring licence which is held by the Independent Gaming Corporation Ltd (IGC). IGC is an incorporated body jointly owned by the Australian Hotels Association (SA) and the Licensed Clubs Association of SA Inc.

Monitoring system

The central computer monitoring system to which all gaming machines are connected is the prime source of control over the security, integrity and proper operation of gaming machines.  The system also collects, processes and summarises gaming statistics for all venues and provides the basic information for Consumer and Business Services to assess gaming tax.

All gaming machines in hotels and clubs must be connected to the monitoring system. Connection is made through a site controller located at the venue.  The monitoring system is a ‘dial-up’ system whereby machines communicate via a modem.

Gaming hours

IGC’s monitoring system enables or disables gaming machines automatically in line with the hours of operation authorised by the licence.

Contact details

  • Independent Gaming Corporation (IGC)
  • 80 Greenhill Road
  • WAYVILLE SA 5034
  • Phone: 08 8394 2222
  • Fax: 08 8394 2201