Licensee’s obligations

Persons not permitted to operate gaming machines

The following persons are not permitted to operate gaming machines (unless it is necessary to carry out his or her duties) at a premises of which they are subject to an approval or within 28 days of ceasing to hold such an approval:

  • the holder of a gaming machine licence
  • a director, shareholder or committee member (including those who have received an exemption from gaming training requirements)
  • a gaming machine manager or gaming machine employee

Purchase and Consumption of Beverages in Gaming Areas

Licensees must ensure that any person (provided the person is not a minor or barred from the gaming area) can purchase and/or consume a beverage in a gaming area (whether alcoholic or not) without being required to play gaming machines.

Alcohol must not be served to persons seated or standing at a gaming machine

Licensees must ensure that a person is not served an alcoholic drink while the person is either seated or standing at a gaming machine. ‘Serving’ includes taking an order for a drink or the physical delivery of the drink. The requirement only applies to staff members serving the drink. i.e. it does not prevent a patron from ordering and/or delivering a drink on behalf of another patron who may be seated or standing a gaming machine.