Responsible person exemption

Responsible Person Requirement

Every business with a liquor licence is required to have an approved responsible person supervising and managing the premises during operating times, unless an exemption from that requirement has been approved.

Exemption from the Responsible Person Requirement

Section 97(2) of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 allows for an exemption or conditional exemption from the requirement to have a responsible person supervising and managing the premises. The licensee must make an application and indicate whether the exemption is to apply at all times or during nominated times (conditional exemption) and whether alternative arrangements will be made for the supervision and management of the business. For example, arrangements could be made to have a responsible person contactable by phone at any time the premises are operating.

Criteria to be Satisfied When Applying for a Responsible Person Exemption

The licensing authority must be satisfied that, in view of the limited scope of the business conducted under the licence, the exemption would not compromise the responsible service and consumption principles of the Liquor Licensing Act, 1997.

Applicants should provide information supporting the application, for example:

  • Details of the value of the sales of liquor over the past financial year
  • Evidence that there is or will be a limited number of people attending the premises for the consumption of liquor
  • Evidence that there is or will be limited public access to the premises
  • Details of the size and nature of the operations of the business, including trading hours

How to Apply

Applicants must complete the Responsible Person Exemption form and provide the details listed above. There is no application fee.

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