Annual Fees


Holders of liquor licences (other than Limited Licences granted for large commercial or high risk events may incur a licence fee from 1 January 2013.

Liquor Fees

  • The Annual Liquor Fees Schedule has details of licensing fees for the financial year.
  • Liquor licensing invoices are issued in March and are payable by 30 June each year.

New Licences

Holders of new licences  will pay a pro-rata licence fee based on the fees applicable in the regulations on the date that the licence is granted. Invoices issued to licensees when a new licence is granted and will be payable within 28 days.

Options To Reduce Annual Licence Fees

Under certain circumstances you may be able to reduce your annual licence fee.  Choose one of the options below to apply to reduce your annual licence fee:

Payment Options

Paying by instalments

  • Licensees who trade late can pay their annual licence fee by instalment.
  • This option is only available to licensees who pay on-line

Extending your Payments

  • Extensions are available under certain circumstances.
  • If you have concerns about paying your liquor licensing invoice by the due date, contact CBS on (08) 8226 8650 or email

Suspended Licences

  • If your licence was suspended (not due to disciplinary reasons), you will receive an invoice requiring you to pay a pro-rata licence fee only when the suspension is lifted.
  • The invoice is payable within 28 days

Further Information

If you have any questions about licence fees contact CBS on (08) 8226 8650 or email