Dry Areas


Dry Areas in South Australia

The purpose a dry area is to curb alcohol related problems such as anti-social behaviour in public areas such as reserves, main shopping precincts, car parks and foreshores.

Dry areas ensure that areas are preserved for family enjoyment and recreation, free from intimidation or disturbance from persons affected by alcohol.

Dry area prohibitions (exceptions) can be made for a short term to cover one-off major events such as New Year’s Eve, or for an ongoing period.

All applications for a dry area are made by local councils to Consumer and Business Services. Councils applying for a dry area are required to submit a detailed description and plan of the proposed area as per the dry area guidelines. Community views are represented with a letter of support from the local Member of Parliament and local Police.

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Information includes:

  • Maps
  • Extension of prohibition
  • Period of probition
  • Description of the area.