Liquor licensing – existing licence holders

Resources for existing liquor licence holders to apply for changes or variations to current licences.

Proposed alterations or redefinitions of licensed premises require approval by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

Vary an existing liquor licence –

Licence holders must apply for approval for a person to assume a position of authority within their corporate structure or trust. To assume a position of authority without the approval of the licensing authority is an offence.

All persons receiving profits or proceeds from the business must also be approved.

Vary your corporate structure

A landlord, mortgagee or other person may take possession of a liquor licence and gaming machine licence and carry on the business for a specific period if the licensee ceases to occupy the premises. They must notify the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner within seven (7) days of taking possession and may carry on the business for up to one month or a period longer than one month as approved by the licensing authority.

Landlord or mortgagee taking over a licence –