Lodge a complaint against a licensed premises


Consumer and Business Services (CBS) can help you if you believe you have been adversely affected by an activity involving licensed premises, such as noise, patron behaviour, barring, refusal of service, management practices, liquor promotions and behaviour of crowd controllers.

In the first instance it is recommended that if you have a complaint, you should approach the licensee to epxress your concerns.  If no action is taken by the licensee then it may be appropriate for you to lodge a complaint with Consumer and Business Services.

To make a complaint against a licensee or licensed premises, it is advised that you write to this office giving details of your concerns.

When writing about the incident(s), you must include brief, relevant details about:

  • what happened, and any actions taken (for example, discussion with the licensee)
  • when and where it happened (could be multiple occasions)
  • any other information that may be relevant in relation to the incident
  • contact details during working hours so that CBS can contact the person who lodged the complaint if further information is required.

Investigation of a complaint

The person who lodged the complaint will receive a written reply from CBS acknowledging receipt of their complaint. Confidentiality will be maintained subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

The matter will then be investigated by CBS. Should the matter proceed to a Hearing or to Court the person lodging the complaint will need to be aware that they may be required to attend and give evidence.

Outcomes of a complaint

If a complaint demonstrates that the licensee or licensee’s staff have breached the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 or the Gaming Machines Act 1992, appropriate action will be taken. Action could include:

  • written caution
  • statutory undertaking
  • disciplinary action, which could result in:
    • reprimand
    • conditions placed on the licence
    • fine
    • suspension of licence
    • revocation of licence
    • disqualification

Should the complaint not fall within the boundaries of the relevant legislation administered by Consumer and Business Services, the person who lodged the complaint will be notified, and if possible directed to the appropriate authority, for example, Environmental Protection Agency, Metropolitan Fire Service, the Police, and local council.