Notices to Display


The licensee must keep a copy of the licence showing all conditions and endorsements on the licence displayed at or near the front entrance to the licensed premises at all times.

The licensee must display a sign, in the prescribed form, informing minors and other members of the public of the law relating to under-age drinking. This sign must be displayed in a prominent position in each area of the licensed premises to which access is permitted to minors.
In the case of an entertainment venue licence and a licence with an extended trading authorisation, a sign must be displayed advising people of the times when minors are prohibited from being on the licensed premises or parts of the premises covered by the authorisation.

Where a part of the licensed premises has been declared out of bounds to minors, a sign in the prescribed form must be displayed at each entrance to that part of the premises.

Signs are available from this office or industry representatives.

You can download a copy of these signs, however, they must be printed:

  • On paper of dimensions not smaller than international size A3 paper where the letters are at least 10 millimetres high
  • In the same colour and contrasts as the downloaded image
  • Be printed as a clean and clear image that is easy to read

For further information on the visual requirements of the notices, please refer to the Liquor Licensing Regulations. If you are unable to meet these requirements, please contact our office or your industry representative to obtain these signs.

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Minors are not allowed in an area designated as out of bounds to minors. For an area to be declared out of bounds, the licensee must apply to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner to designate the area out of bounds to minors. A Section 111 sign must be prominently displayed at all entry points to the designated area.

Area out of Bounds to Persons Under 18

 Section 112: out of bounds between midnight and 5 am [fontawesome icon=”download-alt” circle=”yes” size=”small”]

Section 112: out of bounds between 9pm and 5am [fontawesome icon=”download-alt” circle=”yes” size=”small”]

A premises with an entertainment venue licence must display a Section 112 sign which states that an area is out of bounds to minors between the hours of 9 pm on one day and 5 am of the next or between midnight and 5 am (refer to your licence conditons).

If an extended trading authorisation is granted, a Section 112 sign must be prominently displayed at all entry points to the licensed premises

Area out of Bounds to Persons Under 18 Between Midnight on one Day to 5am of the Next Day

Section 113:  You must be at least 18 [fontawesome icon=”download-alt” circle=”yes” size=”small”]

A Section 113 sign must be prominently displayed in all areas of the licensed premises where minors are permitted.

Liquor Must Not be Supplied to Persons Under 18