Adelaide Park Lands dry area trial

A trial timed dry area over the Adelaide Park Lands will take effect on Monday 22 December 2014.

The three month trial was approved by the State Government following a recommendation from the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, in response to an application from the Adelaide City Council.

A timed dry area seeks to address concerns raised by the community about alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour, while still providing the opportunity for support agencies and service providers to engage with vulnerable people.

The trial will see the Adelaide Park Lands, including the North, South, East and West Park Lands; become a dry area from 8pm to 11am seven days a week. During these hours, alcohol cannot be consumed or possessed in the Park Lands.

People wishing to hold a special event in the Park Lands area, where alcohol is to be consumed during the hours of 8pm and 11am, must apply for a liquor licence.

The effectiveness of the trial will be reviewed at the conclusion of the three month trial and a long term recommendation will be made.