Monitoring and enforcement

Educational monitoring undertaken by Compliance Officers provides retailers with the opportunity to rectify any concerning signage and practices prior to any enforcement action. 2015 Christmas monitoring campaign saw resources such as correct refund signs and relevant publications provided to retailers to assist with compliance. Publications can be ordered via CBS website.

CBS has a range of enforcement options. For example, CBS may issue expiation penalties, or accept assurances or undertakings from businesses that acknowledge the conduct, agree to put in place measures to remedy the conduct, and agree to steps that put in place appropriate compliance measures. Further, CBS can, in certain circumstances, take court action seeking both civil and criminal penalties of up to $ 1.1 million for corporations, and $220,000 for individuals, per offence. CBS may also seek court orders to obtain redress for affected consumers, as well as order disqualifying managers and directors from managing a business.

The following media releases provide examples of recent CBS enforcement outcomes:

Supreme Court grants interim injunction against travel agent

Inter-agency cooperation leads to traveling conmen detention

Adelaide venue fined more than $600 for liquor licence breach

Action taken over unlicensed builder’s advertising tactics

Over $10,000 in fines for breaching real estate laws

Consumer watchdog prosecutes unlicensed car dealer

Unlicensed car dealers put on notice

Action taken against real estate agency

Consumer Watchdog tackles unlicensed landscaper

Regional building contractor breaches licence conditions