NBN – connecting confidently

With the construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) well underway, consumers and businesses will need to consider which service provider they will contract with to migrate to the NBN. The mapped rollout of the NBN gives providers the heads up on what areas are next on the list for installation and connection.

This transparent process attracts more door to door and telemarketing opportunities for service providers. Understanding your rights when you receive an unexpected phone call or knock at the door will help protect you from contracts with unwanted and unfavourable terms and in some cases even a scam. When making a decision about who to contract, consider:

  • the terms and conditions
  • length of the contract
  • penalties for ending a contract
  • if a verbal promise matches the written contract

You don’t need to make a decision on the spot. It is better to take your time to consider the deal and compare with other suppliers.

If you do enter into an agreement with an uninvited seller at the door or over the phone, remember the following protections may apply:

  • 10 day cooling off period (to cancel the contract without penalty)
  • a written copy of the agreement must be provided
  • a document outlining your right to cool off and a cooling off form must be provided
  • a seller must leave at your request and not contact you for at least 30 days

Remember, it’s okay to walk away, close the door or hang up the phone!

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