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10 April 2017

A Craigburn Farm man who sold secondhand cars without a licence has been slugged $7,000 after admitting to breaches of South Australia’s Second Hand Vehicle Dealers Act.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court, 24 year-old Barney Samuel Chambers pleaded guilty to selling six cars worth between $1000 and $3000 each over the course of a seven month period without a licence to conduct business as a second hand vehicle dealer.

Under the Act, anyone who sells or exchanges more than four second-hand cars over a 12 month period needs a licence.

The offences also breached an assurance Chambers had given to Consumer and Business Services in 2012 not to buy or sell any second hand vehicles without first securing the relevant licence, after he was investigated for similar conduct.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said the licensing system for used car dealers was an important protection for consumers, and people who sell more than four cars a year need to abide by the law.

“Used car dealers have very specific obligations under the Act designed to better protect consumers,” he said.

“When someone tries to get around the Act, not only do they put consumers at risk, they can harm the reputation of those licensed dealers that work within the law.

“What’s particularly disappointing about this matter is that this wasn’t an act of ignorance.

“This individual knew he needed a licence.

“In 2012, he had been investigated for similar behaviour and, as an alternative to prosecution, he entered into a written agreement with Consumer and Business Services not to sell used cars without a licence.

“He even registered cars under the names of friends and associates – making it more difficult to detect the offences.”

If you have concerns about a car dealer, or to check whether someone is registered, visit the Consumer and Business Services website at www.cbs.sa.gov.au or call 131 882.