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18 December 2014

An overnight dry zone in the Adelaide Park Lands will commence on Monday for a three-month trial period with the aim of reducing alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.

Acting Business Services and Consumers Minister Leon Bignell said the decision followed comprehensive consultation with businesses, residents, services and adjoining councils.

Beginning Monday, the entire Adelaide Park Lands will be an alcohol-free zone from 8pm to 11am daily.

“This is a complex issue and the decision has been made with careful consideration of all those who will be affected.

“We are targeting alcohol-related anti-social behaviour without removing the opportunity for support services to appropriately address the health and welfare needs of vulnerable people who gather in the Park Lands.

“We also recognise that the Park Lands belong to all South Australians and we don't want to inhibit enjoyment of the area.

The dry-zone decision followed a recommendation from the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner in response to an application from the Adelaide City Council.

Extensive consultation and discussion was carried out with councils, police, government and non-government support services.

The effectiveness of the trial will be reviewed after three months by a group comprising Consumer and Business Services, the Adelaide City Council and support services, and a long- term recommendation will be made.

Organised events in the park lands such as Fringe and Adelaide Festival events operate under a Liquor Licence and the dry area regulations will not apply to those events.

Feedback about the dry area should be directed to the Adelaide City Council.